Bank’s Activity

Through its short existence, the bank has acquired its leading position amongst banks in financing the vital sectors in the country, mainly but not limited to,  industrial and agricultural production, infrastructure, education, health and social services in addition to financing exports such as, sesame seeds, gum arabic , live stock, gold and cotton in addition to financing imports such as, wheat, sugar, production inputs, medicines, capital equipments, etc.

Below is a short statement of the most important financing operations executed by the bank:

Social services sector:

    Financing schools and water wells.

Infrastructure sector:

  •     Financing the requirements of dams construction.
  •     Financing the electricity network .
  •     Financing the construction of highways .

Industry, mining and petroleum services sector:

  •     Financing development operations of petroleum fields.
  •     Financing the establishment of cement factories.
  •     Arrangement of syndication for financing a sugar factory.
  •     Financing the establishment and import of equipment for a gold mine.

Agriculture sector:

  •     Management of a portfolio for purchasing agricultural lands.
  •     Management of a portfolio for cultivating and harvesting cotton for the seasons. 2013-2014 , 2014-2015 , 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 of 130,000 fadan in irrigated agricultural schemes.
  •     Financing the cultivation of a sun flower project for one of the private sector companies.

Export sector:

  •     Financing export of sesame, gum Arabic and livestock.
  •     Financing a mine for purification and export of gold.
  •     Financing the production and export of cotton for the seasons 2013-2014 , 2014-2015 , 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

Import sector:

  •     Financing import of wheat since 2007.
  •     Financing import of medicines since 2007.
  •     Financing import of sugar since 2009.