Corporate Social Responsibility

United Capital Bank believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept that allows the incorporation of social and environmental concerns in the bank's daily operations and in the interaction with its clients.

The bank's vision regarding its social responsibility is manifested in a number of principles and goals:

  • Building effective communication bridges with all social sectors due to the various activities that require aid to achieve social success.
  • Establishing positive cooperation to execute a number of activities in the society by overseeing important activities in different sectors such as education, health, sports, environment and programs aimed at those with special needs.
  • Participating in charity activities.
  • The bank has had a number of outstanding achievements in its corporate social responsibility program in various sectors such as publishing a book about the late novelist Eltayeb Salih and a book for young fine artists. The purpose was to support the literary activity , art and cultural activities in general in the country and encourage innovation among young people.

The bank, in partnership with the British Embassy in Khartoum, the British Council and the Sudanese Young Businessmen Association participated in sponsoring the Mashrouy Program, which aims at encouraging entrepreneurship in Sudan.